Real Estate

Real Estate Application

A Canadian real estate service company in Toronto was facing immense competition in the market with its rival company in terms of price. To stay put in the competition, they needed to curtail the costs and therefore, they needed the best offshore company possible. They found it challenging to find a good offshore company.

Client Brief

In 2009 recession hit real estate industry got shaken very badly. And that time outsourcing enabled our client to survive through the situation. They could retain all their valuable employees thought they couldn’t give any increment. After the economy revived in 2011, when other companies were thin losing many of their precious assets, our client was in full bloom and landed with lots of work. Our work with them grew with a 12 member team here. Lastly, we gained their trust & reliance which we had to earn with our 1 year test period. But after that, it has been a long and successful journey.

Our Solution

To help the company, we decided to outsource some of their work to us. Initially, they were very reluctant giving away their source code and everything to us. So, they outsourced only QA testing works. And we gave them dedicated QAs testing for them. Eventually, we earned the trust factor & started to work fully with them.

Journey with BT

From our end, it wasn’t a very easy journey altogether. Sometimes we faced turn over and it made our client unhappy. However, we had been successful solving that issue and then things were a lot better. We had created a pool of great talented people. So that, even if there was an immediate replacement needed we were very fast to make that possible. Also, we arranged a 2 weeks knowledge transfer time for free of cost. We gave all facilities possible to increase the growth of our client to a great extent. Therefore, the turn over rate came down very low. And everything got settled.