Recruitment Solution

Webcruiter is a language independent web based recruitment solution which makes recruitment easy, while ensuring efficiency and quality in the recruitment process. The solutions included are integration-friendly, and are often delivered as an integral part of other administrative solutions. The web application in the backend conduct employer-to-employee communication in order to sort & test the qualifications of resources while they need to interview and hire people. The application also contains rejection option which includes a consolation email sent to all the rejected applicants.

Client Brief

WebCruiter has been developing and supplying web-based recruitment solutions since 2000. Then WebCruiter AS was established as a separate company in 2003, WebCruiter established as one of Norway’s leading recruitment Company shortly. With such background and extensive experience in recruitment industry, WebCruiter has an in-depth understanding in the field of recruitment and has been meeting rich demands for more robust system support made for the recruitment process. Therefore, Webcruiter reached out to us with a requisition for a supportive web application where the candidates can upload their resume and employers can easily find the perfect employee according to their requirements.

Our Solution

A profound channel was needed for Webcruiter to make the communication faster and more efficient process. We are happy to provide solutions with the on-demand features for a productive and efficient recruit management system for WebCruiter. We built a web based solution to ease the recruitment system which allow their customers to advertise vacant positions, and administrate the applications all the way through sorting, testing their qualifications, interviewing, and hiring, including rejection mail sent to all the applicants not selected for the job. Also the language-independent online recruitment solutions meet the needs for process support, provides quality assurance and makes the customers’ working day simpler and more efficient. Now Webcruiter has been used by over 65,000 users from 50+ countries.

  • Being searchable in the CV database (Open CV)
  • Answering tests
  • Ideal job
  • Changing your e-mail address or password
  • Applications
  • Delete profile
  • Adding attachments and references
  • Terms of use
  • Creating a CV
  • Resend the application
  • See advert
  • MasterCard
  • Send application
  • CVs in multiple languages
  • Creating a profile
  • Jobs and job agents
Technology Used
  • Front End: Kendo MVVM, Kendo UI, Bootstrap,glimpse, HTML 5, CSS3, WCAG 2.0, NVDA, tota11y.
  • Back End: ASP.net MVC 4.5, Sql Server 2014, Azure Storage, Web API, Daxtra CV importing API, Fluent Migrator, Entity Developer, Fluent Validator, Translation UI(i18n), Automapper, Specsfor for Unit Testing, NB WebSec for security, RedisSessionProvider to handle session, Exceptionless to handle exception